Posted by: glorifyhim1 | September 25, 2017

How, Then, Do I Live?

How, Then, Do I Live?


There is so much trouble in our world today, so much hatred and evil, so much division and controversy. Oh, how I wish things were different, but in the midst of all this trouble, what can I do? What can any of us do?


The truth is there is something that each of us who follow Christ can do. We may not be able to correct all  wrongs and make everything right, but the Bible helps us know how God wants us to live – even in the midst of hard, trying times. Am I doing those things? Am I pleasing God by the way I live?


In the book of Romans, Paul, among other things, attempted to help believers in the early church, who came from many different backgrounds,  to come together as one in Christ. In spite of their differences, and in spite of ours today, all believers are one in Christ. So, in the midst of all our division and controversy, let each of us ask ourselves, “How, then, do I live?” Paul gives us some guidance in Romans 12. As I read this chapter, I need to ask myself:


  • Am I living my life totally surrendered to God? Do I allow Him to transform my heart and mind with His Word and truth? Or am I yielding to my preconceived thoughts and attitudes, or what I think is right?  (See Romans 12:1-2).
  • Do I use the gifts God has given me in service to Him, and do I seek to encourage others who may have different gifts? Or am I critical, or envious, of others and their gifts (See Romans 12:6-8).
  • Do I love others well – without hypocrisy and insincerity? Am I kind to others in both my words and my actions? Or does my love always mask a heart that is filled with self-centeredness and hidden agendas? (See Romans 12:9a, 10).
  • Do I hate evil and cling to what is good? Or do I make peace with evil and sometimes compromise what is good? (See Romans 12:9b).
  • Do I rejoice in the hope I have in Christ? Can others see that joy? Do I tell others about that joy? Or do I keep it safely tucked away and guard it while bemoaning the discord around us? (See Romans 12:12).
  • Do I remain steadfast, doing those things I know to do – praying, helping others, encouraging others, doing good? Or do I turn inward and focus on myself? (See Romans 12:12-13).
  • Do I try to live peaceably with all men? Can I honestly say that in my actions, my attitudes, and the things I say, that I pursue peace with others – especially with those who disagree with me? Or, in my desire to win an argument, prove my point, or even convince someone of something that I know in my heart is right, do I sometimes forget to not be overcome with evil, but to overcome evil with good? (See Romans 12:18-21).


These are hard questions and I admit that I do not always like my own answers. Yet, I believe that the above-referenced chapter in Romans is just as meaningful to us today as it was to the early church.


The truths in this Scripture challenge me as I think about how, then, do I live. Regardless of our troubled and divided world, I am called to live a life that seeks God, that serves Him as He leads, and that loves others well. These verses encourage me to turn from evil and to do good, and to remain steadfast and faithful, doing those things that I know to do. This Scripture also reminds me to live joyfully, always ready to share that joy with others, and to strive, as much as is within me, to live peaceably with all people. 


This is how I want to live. I hope this is how you want to live, too. How, then, do we live?


“Therefore, beloved, looking forward to these things (the second coming of Christ), be diligent to be found by Him in peace, without spot and blameless” (2 Peter 3:14); and “beware lest you also fall from your own steadfastness, being led away with the error of the wicked; but grow in the grace and               knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”  (2 Peter 3:17-18).  


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