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Knowing God

Knowing God


2015-07-03 10.38.27-2As most of you who know me, or have come to know something about me from reading this blog, I am a grandmother. I have two grandsons – Silas who is with Jesus and Benji who will be two years old in October. About two months ago, Benji had tubes put in his ears to help with the fluid build-up. Since having the tubes inserted, Benji can hear and discern sounds that were muffled and hard to distinguish prior to the surgery. Needless to say, his ability to imitate sounds and make words has mushroomed. He can say many words and names now – except for Gramma!

Benji says Pa Pa, Aunt Ta-cy (Stacy), and Aunt Ka-la (Karla), but when someone tells him to say Gramma, he just looks at me. “Maybe Gramma is just too hard for him to say,” my daughter-in-law suggested. She pointed to me and asked Benji: “Can you say Oma (German for Grandmother)?” Benji smiled broadly and said “Oma,” but although he could say it, apparently it didn’t mean Gramma to Benji. When someone would point to me and asked Benji who I was, he would still just look at me and smile.

“It’s okay,” I lied to my kids. But oh how much I wanted to know that Benji knew who I was, that he knew me by name. This past weekend Benji came to visit again. My son and daughter-in-law told me that he had been saying Pa Pa and Ga Ga all the way there. Could Ga Ga be Gramma to Benji? But, once again, when asked who I was, he just smiled.

But then earlier this week, my daughter-in-law texted me a picture of my sweet Benji. He was holding a cup koozie that I had given him from some leftover craft materials. She told me that Benji had found the koozie and asked: “Ga Ga?” Oh, how happy that made my heart! Benji did know me! And he knew me by my name.

As I thought about the joy of knowing that Benji knows me by name, I thought about my Heavenly Father. Surely, He, too, delights when His children know Him by name. The Scriptures reveal many names or titles for God. He is our Abba (Father) (Romans 8:15), God Almighty (Genesis 17:1-2; Revelations 1:8), our Refuge (Psalm 46:1), Shield (Psalm 3:3), and Strong Tower (Psalm 61:3). He is Yahweh (Lord) (Exodus 3:13-15), Master (Psalm 16:2), and Eternal God (Psalm 90:1-2). He is our Provider (Genesis 22:13-14; Philippians 4:19), Shepherd (Psalm 23), our Rock (Psalm 18:2) and our Peace (Judges 6:24)! Each of these names, and many, many more that are contained in Scripture, help us to know our Heavenly Father and gain a deeper understanding of who He is.

As I thought about all the different names for God and what they teach us about who He is, I am reminded that more than knowing His name, God wants us to know Him! The different names and titles for God in Scripture reveal His nature and character and help us to know Him better.

You see, as much as I want to hear Benji call me by name, I want much more for him to know me. I want my name to mean something to him. I want him to smile as he thinks about Ga Ga. I want Ga Ga to remind him of a safe and happy place, hugs and kisses, silly songs and games, walks to the creek, a soft lap and a good book.

2015-07-03 10.40.59           2015-07-03 10.46.50          2015-07-07 19.59.29


And, somehow, I feel that God wants something similar from His children as well. When I whisper God’s name, does it make me smile just thinking about Him and all He is to me – His love and goodness; His mercy, forgiveness, and grace; and His faithfulness to me? When I hear His name am I reminded of the joy I feel in His presence? Just as Benji’s koozie reminds him of Ga Ga, am I daily reminded of God’s love and faithfulness in my life?  What joy to not only know my God’s name, but to truly know Him!


Thus says the Lord:

‘Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom,
Let not the mighty man glory in his might,
Nor let the rich man glory in his riches;
But let him who glories glory in this,
That he understands and knows Me,
That I am the Lord, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth.
For in these I delight,’ says the Lord.”

(Jeremiah 9-23-24)






  1. A beautiful comparison
    Delores Roberts

    • Thanks, Delores. Appreciate your reading and taking the time to comment!

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