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Everyday Reminders

Everyday Reminders


Have you ever had the privilege of watching a young child – or even someone young at heart – encounter something totally new? I have been blessed to witness many such sweet moments with my kids and with other kids as well. But, somehow, I had forgotten what it was like until I was reminded a couple of weeks ago.


I had the joy of watching my 1-1/2 year old grandson, Benji, on his first trip to the zoo. It was so much fun to watch his reactions to the different animals. He peered curiously at the sleeping lions. He pointed and laughed at the flamingos, definitely one of his favorites. He observed the alpaca with a little trepidation as it munched food from his hand. He responded to the giraffes with curious wonder as they approached the viewing platform and returned his stares. From the elephants to the zebras, from the turtles and snakes to the meerkats, Benji was in awe!


Benji feeding alpaca

Benji feeding alpaca

Benji with giraffe

Benji with giraffe

Benji enjoying his favorite - the flamingos

Benji enjoying his favorite – the flamingos

Looking for flamingos

Looking for flamingos




How easily we lose such wonder. As we age and face the responsibilities of life, more times than not, we allow our worries and problems to eclipse our sense of wonder. I’m sure God knows that about us. After all He made us. The Psalmist David declared: “For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust” (Psalm 103:14). So, in His mercy and love, God finds ways to remind us, to help us sense the wonder once again. And why does it matter? Because it is in the wonder, the awe, the inexplicable, and the unexpected, that we see God and are reminded of Who He is. He is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe (see Colossians 1:16-17). He is the God of all power and might Who can do anything (see Jeremiah 32:17,27). He sees us and knows us (see Genesis 16:13-14). He is our Shepherd (see Psalm 23:1), our Refuge (see Psalm 46:1-3), our Peace (see Ephesians 2:14), and so much more! And it is God “who alone does great wonders” (Psalm 136:4a). In the midst of our everyday routines, problems, and heartaches, we are reminded that this God of wonders is with us.


As I watched Benji, I couldn’t help but exult right along with him over the wonder of God’s handiwork. But I also found myself rejoicing in the wonder of Benji, himself, the child for whom we had longed and prayed. I was reminded of a faithful, merciful God Who had brought us through some hard times, blessed us with some good times, and Who was and is with us at all times.


2015-04-03 13.54.50 As I watched our sleepy little fellow on the ride back home, I worshiped God and thanked Him. Once again, my Father had gotten my attention and reminded me that He is the God of all Wonder whose mercy, faithfulness, and love endure forever and ever.






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    May we never lose our wonder❤️ Beautiful words, beautiful meaning… A must read! Start this day on a good note! Today we wonder, not wander.

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