Posted by: glorifyhim1 | November 19, 2014

Do You Know?

Do You Know?



This morning I listened to the song “Mary, Did You Know?” From the first time I heard this song, I’ve loved it. It has become one of my favorite Christmas songs – a must to hear often throughout the Christmas season. But – I listened to it before Thanksgiving!

You see, I’m also a holiday “purist.” Before Thanksgiving we listen to and sing “We Gather Together” and we decorate with pumpkins and fall flowers. Not until after Thanksgiving, do we pull out the Christmas dishes, decorations, and buy Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes! Planning and looking for gifts has been the only thing through the years that I generally did before Thanksgiving!

As I listened to the familiar lyrics this morning, I couldn’t help but smile to myself and wonder what the kids would say if they saw me sneaking in a Christmas song before Thanksgiving. And I wondered about myself. I had been thinking a lot about Christmas lately. I had already treated the family to a tin – Christmas tin, that is – of Swedish ginger snap cookies before I made my gingerbread for Christmas! Am I softening as I get older? Or, am I forgetting about Thanksgiving as my mind wanders toward Christmas?

But as I listened to the lyrics of “Mary, Did You Know?” over and over as I worked this morning, I knew that the good news contained in this song was not only for Christmas – but for every month of the year. The One worshiped in these lyrics deserves our highest thanksgiving and praise in November and He is our rock, strength, comfort, joy, peace, hope, whatever we need every month of the year.

Do we really know that? Or do we hear the stories over and over, so many times, that it doesn’t penetrate our hearts and minds? Do we really know ….

…..that He did the unbelievable – walked on water, calmed the storm

…..that He did the miraculous – blind see, lame leap, deaf hear, dumb speak, dead live again

…..that He is Lord, that He is God, that He is the Great I AM?

And do we know that He is not a has been God – He is still God today. He can still do the unbelievable, the impossible, and the miraculous in your life and mine? The question is – Do we believe?

I believe, oh, how I believe! I know His Word is true, yet how often do I allow the concerns, worries, struggles I’m going through to obscure my vision of who He is and what He can do? I think I just may continue to listen to this song throughout the year to remind me of this One who came to save me, deliver me, and make me new. And may I never cease to thank Him and praise Him for who He is – not just at Thanksgiving or Christmas, but every day of the year. And I may just celebrate this with a nice slice of fruit cake even if it is before Christmas!


  1. You make me long for a slice of Christmas cake myself!

    • Haha! I think I’m going to have get that cake before Thanksgiving!

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