Posted by: glorifyhim1 | April 23, 2013

Knowing God

Knowing God

 A Prayer

I prayed to know You better,

But little did I know,

The path to understanding

Could be rocky and quite slow.

I longed to feel Your presence,

To know that You are near,

To never have to wonder

If You knew my doubts and fears.

But, oh, what You have taught me,

The God you’ve shown to me,

Revealed not in great glory,

But as You’ve walked with me.

For in my times of turmoil

When I’ve struggled for control,

When I’ve fought for my agenda

Or clung to lesser goals,

You’ve stayed right there beside me,

Not content to let me be,

You’ve taught me sweet surrender

To the God who cares for me.

With every disappointment,

With every hurt or snare,

I’ve found a God who understands

And who always meets me there.

And day by day I’m learning

My quest to know You, God,

Is not a destination,

But a journey that I’m on.

For each day as I seek You

And as You walk with me,

You help me know You better

Until one day I will see

You, God, in all Your glory,

The One I’ve yearned to know,

The One who heard my earnest prayer,

My God, I’ll fully know!

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