Posted by: glorifyhim1 | January 31, 2012

Truly Living What I Believe

Over the years as I have taught preschoolers in Sunday School, one idea I have consistently fought is that God does magic. Although the term magic can refer to sinister, occult-type activities, most young kids are enamored with simple magic tricks and illusions. Therefore, it is natural for them to conclude that magic is behind those things that they cannot understand or explain. As a result, they often refer to spectacular wonders in Bible stories or miracles that Jesus performed as magic. Yet magic is not real. The magician doesn’t really saw the lady into two pieces and put her back together. Neither does he make the rabbit disappear or a certain card rise from the deck. These are all tricks, simple secrets or sleight of hand actions that the magician deftly uses to make spectators believe he is doing the impossible. But magic is not real.

God, on the other hand, is real and He can do some pretty incredible things. Consider just a few Biblical accounts of ways He acted on behalf of His chosen ones. He caused the Red Sea to part so the Israelites could escape the pursuing Egyptians (see Exodus 14). He made the sun and the moon stand still so that Joshua and the children of Israel could experience victory over their enemies (see Joshua 10). He delivered Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego in the fiery furnace and saved Daniel in the lion’s den (see Daniel 3 and 6). Likewise, Jesus spoke and Lazarus walked out of the tomb (John 11:38-44). He touched the blind man’s eyes and gave him sight (Mark 8:22-26). He took two fish and five pieces of bread and fed a multitude with 12 baskets left over (Mark 6:30-44). Jesus healed men and women from all kinds of sickness and disease. He walked on the raging sea (Mark 6:45-52); he cast out demons (Mark 5:1-20). Through the many miracles Jesus performed, He demonstrated His power over nature, disease, and evil. How mighty is our God! He can do the impossible!

Yet, as I thought about this, I couldn’t help but wonder if I live my life like I believe. When I teach boys and girls in Sunday School, do I teach them like I believe? Can they catch a glimpse of the excitement and wonder I feel as I tell them stories about our great and mighty God? When I face challenges and difficulties, do I approach them like I believe? Do others detect anxiety and worry or a sense of peace because of my trust in God.  When I’m tired or sick or overwhelmed, do I respond like I believe? Do others see sorrow and discouragement or hope in a God who is in control of every aspect of my life? In other words, is there anything in my life that gives others a glimpse of the One whose Spirit dwells within me, the Mighty God who can do anything?

The prophet Jeremiah is an example of one who lived what he believed. Jeremiah often struggled with the message of judgment that he was called to deliver to his people, but in spite of the anguish and hardships he experienced he continued to believe in God. In Jeremiah 32:17 he prayed: “Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You.”

And, my friend, the same is true today. There is nothing too hard for God! Even when we don’t understand His ways, we can still believe in Him and His power to make a difference in our lives – perhaps in ways that we would never have imagined. Abraham probably never thought he would be a father at 100 years of age. The young Mary surely did not believe that she would one day be the mother of the Son of God. And did Peter ever think that he, a simple fishermen, would one day be boldly proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ? Just think what God might do in your life and mine if we started to truly live what we believe! It won’t be magic, but it will surely be miraculous!

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