Posted by: glorifyhim1 | December 27, 2011

My Greatest Gift This Christmas

This Christmas I received many thoughtful, useful, and sweet gifts, but the greatest gift I received was not found under our Christmas tree. Neither was it wrapped in beautiful paper with ribbons and bows. It actually came disguised in ordinary Christmas shaped cookie cutters. Let me explain.

Since my son and daughter-in-law could not be home for Christmas, we wanted to send them a Christmas care package. Shipping to Chile is not cheap, however, so we decided to all pitch in and pack one of the postal service’s flat rate boxes. We wanted to send them a few items they could not get in Chile, some seasonal items we knew they especially liked, and a few Christmas surprises. While shopping for items to put in the box, I happened upon a small set of Christmas cookie cutters. I immediately thought of Bekah, my daughter-in-law. One of her most cherished traditions with her family was making Christmas cookies. I immediately dropped the cookie cutters in my basket and continued to shop.

A few aisles later, and with a much heavier basket, however, I began to question myself. Would I ever be able to get everything to fit inside the large box which actually seemed quite small? I reluctantly returned a few items to the shelves, including the cookie cutters. I was just being silly I thought. Surely they could buy cookie cutters in Chile. But, for whatever reason, I couldn’t leave those cookie cutters on the shelf. Twice I went back and finally I left the store with the cookie cutters in my bag.

Packing the box was a lot like trying to work a puzzle, trying to place items just so in order to get everything to fit. After reorganizing the items several times, I finally removed the cookie cutters. They just wouldn’t fit. But then I’d see them lying there beside the box and here I’d go again, trying to get them to fit. Finally, after creating a tiny space in the box, I took the cutters out of their package, removed the winter-themed cutters (it’s summer in Chile now, anyway), and dropped the others in a small plastic bag. There was just enough room! The cookie cutters were going to Chile!

About 10-12 days later, I received an email from my son saying they had received the package and thanking us for the items we had sent. And then he stated: “Bekah was especially thrilled with the cookie cutters. We had seen some earlier in the season but hadn’t bought them. Then when she got ready to make Christmas cookies, the cookie cutters were all gone. We couldn’t find them anywhere. She had just about given up!” As I read the message, unbidden tears began to sting my eyes and slide down my cheeks. Now I knew why I couldn’t leave the cookie cutters on the shelf at the store. I understood why I kept re-packing the box trying to make room for them. God knew what I didn’t know.

I felt silly sitting there crying about cookie cutters, but I knew that it really wasn’t the cookie cutters. God had used those simple cookie cutters to remind me of His tender, faithful love and presence with us. He doesn’t just care about the big things we face, but He is concerned with every little detail of our lives – right down to cookie cutters for Christmas cookies. The psalmist declared: “In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul” (Psalm 94:19). I’m sure that cookie cutters were low on my son and daughter-in-law’s list of concerns as they adjust to living in a new culture, make new friends, and embark on ministry. Yet God cared about even this simple desire.

So my greatest gift this Christmas was a precious reminder from God Himself that He is still with us – in all things. The prophet Isaiah prophesied: “Therefore, the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel” (Isaiah 7:14). Immanuel – God with us – not just on that first Christmas, but every single day, He is God with us!


  1. I cried over the cookie cutters, too. Thanks so much for sending them!! I got two good batches of Christmas cookies out of the cutters and powdered sugar you sent.

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