Posted by: glorifyhim1 | June 26, 2011

The Wedding Cake

This weekend I had my first experience cutting a wedding cake and thankfully, I survived! For those of you not familiar with this needed, but often overlooked, task of the wedding celebration, let me assure you that I was just like you before I came face to face with three tiers of eight-inch thick cake layers smothered with fluffy white frosting. I will never again look at a piece of cake the same way. Likewise, I am sure that my focus in all future wedding celebrations will be on the cake table and the person facing the daunting task of cutting and serving the cake.


A few weeks ago when my cousin asked my sister and me to cut and serve her wedding cake, we eagerly agreed to the task. We were happy to help out and considered it an honor. After all, how hard could it be? I should have known we were in trouble when we approached the table and found a diagram showing the correct away to cut the cake. That’s okay I thought, I know how to do this – I had researched how to cut a wedding cake on the internet! We had our plan of attack all ready. Take off the top tier to save for the bride and groom’s first anniversary. Remove all non-edible decorations. Cut a circle two inches inside the next layer, then cut one-inch slices around the circle. Move in two more inches and continue the same way. I knew how to do this! Unfortunately, we hadn’t gotten far into the task before I realized we were in over our heads – almost literally.


We had at least two problems. First of all, we didn’t know how the cake was assembled. We tried to take off the top tier, but it wouldn’t budge. We slid the knife around the base and gently wobbled it back and forth. Nothing! I know at one point my sister and I both had our hands pushing at the base, while standing on tiptoe, trying to loosen the top tier. Finally, it moved and we saw the problem. The layers were interconnected with a long wooden dowel. The top layer came off easily as we lifted it up off the dowel. Whew! 


Our second problem was the size of the cake layers. The neat little plan that I had read on the internet had not addressed eight-inch deep cake layers. It just showed cutting neat one-inch pieces around the circle. I knew I couldn’t cut eight-inch slices of cake, so I tried to make the cut, then slide the knife through the middle cake layer to make two pieces of cake. That’s the way it was supposed to work, but let’s just say the whole top layer was served before I finally got the knack of it and began to cut similarly-sized, neat pieces of cake.


When the serving line finally slowed enough for my sister and I to catch a collective breath, we quickly tried to clean up the mess we had created on the table from our learn how to cut a wedding cake rendezvous. The entire first layer had already been served and we were well into the bottom layer, but finally it was working like a charm (if I do say so myself). I looked at the carefully cut pieces lying neatly on the serving plates and just wanted to keep on cutting, but my sister told me I should probably stop – just when I had finally gotten the hang of it!


As I think about it, I realize how much that cake experience can resemble our lives. God makes us in His image, full of beauty and possibilities. But just as the beauty of that cake was marred by our efforts to disassemble, cut, and serve it, so our lives can become all messed up. If I could have talked with the person who made the cake and discovered how it was assembled and how all the pieces fit together, I would have had a better idea as to how to approach taking it apart. I may not have had the opportunity to talk to the cake baker, but I can talk to God about my life. He made me. As Psalm 100:3 states: “Know that the Lord, He is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people and the sheep of His pasture.” God knows how He put me together, my strengths and weaknesses, my likes and dislikes, my dreams and goals. He gave me my deepest desires and all I need to accomplish His plans and purposes for my life (see Psalm 139). Who better to ask for help? Yet how many times do I just dive in and similar to that cake, start cutting. I try this or that. I do what seems right to me. I try to tackle things myself rather than going to the One who made me, who knows me inside out. 


Likewise, when we fail to seek God and follow His direction, our lives can begin to look a lot like that messy cake table. Instead of moving forward with our lives, we’re constantly looking backward at either the messes we’ve made of things, or wondering what could have been – if only. But herein lies the beauty of a life lived in Christ. Our mess-ups do not have to define our lives. As my sister and I finally finished, I looked at the remaining cake sitting on the table. Sure it showed the cut marks, but it wasn’t a pitiful sight any longer. The mess we had created was all cleaned up now and even in its half-eaten condition, the cake looked beautiful. And that is just what Christ does for each of us when we allow Him to come into our hearts and lives. John quoted the prophet Isaiah as He announced the coming of Christ. “’Every valley shall be filled and every mountain and hill brought low; the crooked places shall be made straight and the rough ways smooth; and all flesh shall see the salvation of God’” (Luke 3:5-6). When Christ comes into our hearts, He forgives us of all our sins and cleanses us from all unrighteousness (see 1 John 1:9). He covers all our messes with His grace and makes us just like new. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away, behold, all things have become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17). And what is more, His grace and mercy continue to work in our lives to transform us to look more and more like Christ (see 2 Corinthians 3:18).


After about six pairs of food-service gloves, a stack of napkins, and who knows how many plastic serving plates, my sister and I finally walked away from the cake serving table. I admit we felt more like Lucy and Ethel from the Lucille Ball show than new creations in Christ! I was thankful we had survived – even if it hadn’t been pretty – and forever grateful to the kind guests who waited patiently, smiled, and encouraged us. They, too, were such a blessing and just another picture of how Christ transforms us to represent Him to others. It is truly amazing what God can teach us through a simple wedding cake – I mean a three-tier, eight-inch layer wedding cake!




  1. I stumbled across this post while searching for information on cutting a wedding cake.. what a blessing and a “word in due season”. Thanks for sharing!

    • So glad you found and enjoyed this post, Katherine. I hope your experience cutting a wedding cake goes beautifully and a little more smoothly than mine! Blessings to you!

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