Posted by: glorifyhim1 | July 20, 2010

It’s in the Bible

Recently during group time in Sunday School, I told a group of kindergartners the Bible story about David and Jonathan and their friendship. Right in the middle of the story, I was interrupted by a loud, but honest question: “Is this a true story?” My first reaction was, “Sure it is true; it is found in the Bible.” However, as I looked at the faces of my kindergartners, I saw a question mark on each face. They saw the Bible on my lap. They heard me say that this story is found in the Bible. Yet they questioned whether or not they could really believe the stories they found there.

What a teachable moment! What better lesson to learn at such a young age than God’s Word is true? The Bible is not a collection of fantasy tales, fables, or make believe. The stories are about real people and events. It’s message is for all people for all times and we can believe the truths it teaches.

But, also, what a teachable moment for me. While I believe that the Bible is true and that I can trust it’s teachings, do I live my life like I believe? Consider what God told the prophet Isaiah about Himself. “I am the First and I am the Last; besides Me there is no God” (Isaiah 44:6b). “Do not fear, nor be afraid; have I not told you from that time, and declared it? You are My witnesses. Is there a God besides Me? Indeed there is no other Rock; I know not one” (Isaiah 44:8). Do I truly live like my God is the only God, or do I allow lesser gods to rule my life (i.e., money, fame, possessions, or people). Do I live like I believe that there is no one greater than my God, or do I face life timidly or fearfully?

How we live our lives says a lot about whether we believe the Bible, and ultimately what we believe about God. We may try to pick and choose what we want to believe, and thereby fashion God into what we want Him to be. But God Is! No matter what we try to make Him to be, God Is God. Nothing we can say or do will change who God is. Our lives glorify Him when we accept His word as true and live in accordance with His teachings.

I have had other occasions in Sunday School when boys and girls questioned the truth of God’s Word – a donkey that talked? (Numbers 22); a cluster of grapes so big they were carried on a pole? (Numbers 13); a man swallowed and vomited by a fish (Jonah 1-2). I have also observed preschoolers at times when the stories undoubtedly seemed too good to be true – Peter led out of prison by an angel (Acts 12); a storm quieted by the voice of Jesus (Mark 4); and countless other miracles including the blind seeing, the lame walking, and the dead living again. With each story, kids began to catch a glimpse of the kind of God we worship and serve. Our God is a great God that can do things we cannot do, far beyond what we can see or ever even imagine. And this is the God that the Bible tells us loved us enough to send His own Son to die in our place that we might have eternal life (see John 3:16). Once we come to know the great and awesome God the Bible tells us about, it’s not hard to believe the impossible for we know “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26b). And that, my friend, is true; it’s in the Bible!”

Do I Believe?

I say I believe in miracles,

Yet does my life say I believe?

When trials come and times are tough,

Do I put my trust in Thee?

Do I believe You can solve my problems,

Erase my doubts and fears?

Or do I fret and worry

And drown them with my tears?

When my pathway is uncertain,

When I’m afflicted, tired, or weak,

Where do I search for answers?

Is it You, O Lord, I seek?

O Father, You are faithful,

Your promises You keep,

Things that seem impossible,

Are not impossible for Thee.

There’s no limit to Your mercy

Or the blessings You give me.

Do I believe in miracles?

Yes, Lord, I believe!

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